The Journey Begins- Welcome To My Blog!

Thanks for joining me!

This first post is a huge first step in my life, and I am beyond thankful to you for taking the time to read through this and take a visit on my site. I thought it would only be fitting to start this blog by giving you an introduction about myself and my mission for starting to expand my platform online.

My name is Jack Quint, I am 20 years old and I am from Baltimore, Maryland. I currently study Business Management at the University of Maryland: College Park, and am entering my 4th and final year of college in the Fall. I am also an aspiring health professional, and have just recently launched my Online Coaching business.

Now that we have that short bio out of the way, I want to REALLY introduce myself to you all, talk about what’s important to me in my life, and how I hope to help the world for the rest of my time. For far too long I’ve sat back and kept my thoughts in my own head, afraid to show the world what I believe in, and fail to make an impact on those I know I could have impacted. Today marks a change in a different direction, and I am now here to help those in ANY way I possibly can.

What you’re going to see as the central theme to the content I put out and the primary way I’m able to help people is through fitness. My mission is to educate others on PROPER training, nutrition, and overall living a healthy lifestyle in all different areas of their life. I believe that I was born into this world to help others, but for over 20 years I struggled to discover the medium in which I could do that. But in the past year with the rapid development in my passion for fitness, and with the increasing knowledge I acquire each day, I realize that NOW is the perfect time to take that leap and help others reach their fitness goals.

But at the same time, my life is so much more than fitness. I love my family, friends, sports, traveling, business, and everything else in between. There are so many different areas of my life that are important to me and that I want to achieve success in, and I realize now that sitting back and waiting for things to come to me will never be the solution! I want to show others that fitness can be something that you can incorporate into your busy lifestyle and see tremendous success in, WITHOUT neglecting the rest of the areas of your life that are important to you. We all want to be healthy, happy, and find balance in our hectic lives, and I want to serve as a mentor to help others accomplish that and see the progress that they deserve.

So I’m excited to get started on this journey together, to get to know each and every one of you, and hopefully be able to help you in any way I can assist! I would love to hear back from you with any suggestions for topics I can talk about and future posts, because ultimately my mission is for this blog to make a positive, lasting impact on people’s lives. Thanks again for reading through this and I’ll talk to you soon!

With much love,




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  1. You go Jack Quint!

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